Clearing out with surprises

Published on
March 27, 2007

Now that the moment of removal is coming closer and closer, everywhere in the library cabinets and drawers are being cleared out. It turns out you have kept more than you thought. Like policy papers from the end of the 70s, or early 80s about the merger of the library of the Landbouwhogeschool and the DLO-institute Pudoc, when there was no notion yet of a Wageningen UR.

When clearing out the Special Collections, funny or special things are found, the existence of which we were not aware of. Such as a book that, when opening, turns out to contain a couple of boxes with bottles of grass seeds (and a little bit of text). Something completely different was finding some trunks from the garden architect W. Boer .In the Forum library the contents of these will of course be preserved in a better way than in old trunks.

(Newsletter 2-2007)