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Co Verdaas chairman international Wadden Sea Board

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12 februari 2014

Last week Co Verdaas, director of the Centre for Development Innovation, Wageningen UR, was appointed as chairman of the trilateral Wadden Sea Board.

His appointment took place during the Trilateral Danish-German-Dutch Government Conference on the Protection of the Wadden Sea in Tønder, Denmark, on 4 and 5 February, 2014.

Trilateral cooperation

Since the 1970s the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark have been cooperating to protect and manage the Wadden Sea as one shared natural  area of international importance. The Conference was the 12th since the cooperation between the three countries started. The Wadden Sea Board is the international consultation body that promotes sustainable development of the area. It prepares policy-making procedures, and monitors implementation. The Board was founded in 2010 and was chaired by Peter Ilsøe till now.

Co Verdaas: “The transboundary work by the Wadden Sea Board is closely linked to the Wageningen UR domains of sustainability, fisheries, water, climate, and many others. The Board also collaborates with Mauretania and Korea, as well as other countries with wetland areas.”

The Wadden Sea: a wetland of international importance

The Wadden Sea is a Ramsar site or in other words a wetland of international importance. In 2009 the area was placed on the World Heritage list by UNESCO. It is Europe’s largest transboundary wetland ecosystem, and covers more than a million hectares of tidal mudflats and a chain of islands along the coast of the three countries.

Photo: Petra Links, creative commons license