Collaboration CVI - USA on risk analysis of HPAI epidemic

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4 december 2015

Central Veterinary Institute (CVI) will support the USA analysis of the avian influenza epidemic 2014-2015.

Epidemiologists of CVI, University of Minnesota and the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) will analyse together the outbreaks of avian influenza in de United States that started in December 2014.

Together the researchers will develop epidemiological risk models for future outbreaks. CVI researchers dr. Armin Elbers, dr. Thomas Hagenaars and dr. Gert-Jan Boender are involved in this special risk analysis project.

The collaboration is fostered by the appointment of dr. Amos Ssematimba, who will start in January 2016 as post-doc at the University of Minnesota. Ssematimba’s PhD research at CVI resulted in his doctorate at Wageningen University on January 21, 2013 with his thesis Mechanisms of Avian Influenza virus transmission between farms: combining data collection and mathematical modelling.

The work of Ssematimba will be instrumental in supporting the efforts to learn more about the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) epidemic in the US poultry industry. Additionally, the work will advance the science and will support policy aimed at reducing the duration and spread of HPAI virus during an epidemic. The 2014-2015 epidemic in the US was unprecedented and caused large economic losses to many poultry producers.

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