Collaboration Library and Dotka Data: RAF aerial photographs

Published on
May 24, 2011

The Royal Air Force photos made by the Allied Air Force during the liberation of the Netherlands at the end of the Second World War are now available online. The company Dotka Data has placed our 94,250 photos in a webshop with a few thousand photos from the land registry.

On 3 May 2011, NOS Journaal showed how Jimmy Taylor, a former RAF pilot, considered his own spy photos. A few years ago Taylor visited curator Liesbeth Missel, along with Borne's municipal archivist. Taylor explained that he'd always thought he’d had lived through a ‘smashing war’, without doing any notable damage to himself or to others. That perception changed enormously when he was tracked down by the Borne municipal archivist in the 1980s. The archivist told him that some people in Borne were executed because he'd disappeared after his plane had crashed near Borne.

Downloads and prints of the aerial photos can be ordered from the webshop. Photo prices are determined by the number of pixels. Educational institutions and non-profit organisations may request a special 50% reduction for high resolution scans (1200 dpi). Wageningen UR employees and students pay a special symbolic price of € 1 per scan. Low resolution scans (150 dpi) are free.

The photos can also be consulted in the reading room of Special Collections. They are regularly examined for topographical information and used in research on soil and land use, archaeology, landscape, and cultural history. The photos are also frequently consulted for bomb detection.

(newsletter 3-2011)