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Collection of breeder catalogues expanded

Published on
October 30, 2012

Some time ago Special Collections received a gift of about 2 500 breeder catalogues in 15 moving boxes. This gift proved to be a good addition to the collection. Several new breeders could be added to Belgium, Germany, France and the United States. Although fewer new breeders were added to the Netherlands, the gift completed or nearly completed more of the Library’s breeder catalogue collections. With the exception of a few pre-war catalogues, the donated breeder catalogues covered the period 1960 till now. The additions have now been processed and can be found digitally.

Special Collections now has about 35 000 different catalogues from all over the world from 4 766 breeders of flower bulbs, plants and trees. Most of the catalogues come from the Netherlands and other European countries. Users can use the collection in Special Collections in the Forum.

(newsletter 2012-6)