Column: Guest writer Joost Timmerman, Managing Director Paqell

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25 juni 2018

Almost 50 years ago Gatze Lettinga invented a technology to purify wastewater by using bacteria. Just over 40 years ago, a PhD student of Prof. dr. Lettinga, Cees Buisman, started his research on purifying biogas with bacteria using a revolutionary technology. Exactly 25 years ago, this resulted in the first Thiopaq plant. It was taken into operation at Industriewater Eerbeek to remove hydrogen sulphide (H2S) from biogas.

Twenty years ago, Paques started a partnership with Shell because natural gas often contains H2S. This cooperation resulted in the formation of the joint venture Paqell seven years ago. Under the leadership of Paqell's R&D manager and Engineer of the Year 2018 Jan Klok, the Paqell engineers have made great progress in improving the desulfurization technology in recent years. This is done in close cooperation with the Department of ETE.

In the ETE lab Annemerel Mol studies the behavior of sulfur particles, while Rieks de Rink uses a large Thiopaq pilot installation for the research of H2S removal from natural gas. The cooperation with ETE is of great added value for Paqell. Well done ETE!