Start bouw parkeerdek, van parkeerplaats naar twee parkeerlagen


Construction to start on new parking facility: from car park to multi-storey parking garage

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14 juli 2017

On Monday 14 August, construction will start on a two-storey parking garage located on the north side of the campus at P1 near Radix. Once completed, the new P1 parking facility will have an additional 200 to 650 new parking spaces. Construction is expected to last five to six months.

The new parking garage will offer alternative parking facilities along the main campus routes of Bornsesteeg and Droevendaalsesteeg. These additional parking spaces are necessary to compensate for the 200 spaces that will be lost in the business strip due to the arrival of Unilever and the planned expansion of the existing companies.

During the construction you can park at: P2, P3, P4, Sports Centre de Bongerd or at the extra temporary car park behind Axis.

Parking garage design

A facade will be constructed out of wood and climbing plants, designed by Loos van Vliet – the same firm that designed the campus grounds. This firm selected the plants in consultation with Radix users and a WUR ecologist.

While the official selection has yet to be announced, the key criteria included the sun and shade sides of the building, the plants in the surrounding area, and the link with the WUR research fields. Another consideration was whether the plants were allergenic and whether they would attract insects.