Controversy in Honiara

Published on
October 16, 2013

Steven Adolf was in beautiful Honiara, Solomon Islands attending the bi-annual Pacific Forum. How do you allocate days of Tuna fishing between countries, fleets and vessels in a Vessel Day Scheme? And, again, flipper the dolphin was not far away in the continuing debate on certification between MSC and Dolphin safe labels.

It’s beautiful, its poor and it has the world’s biggest stocks of tuna. Everybody in the tuna business should at least once visit one of the eight island nations that form part of the PNA-countries. In the waters of the so called Parties to the Nauru Agreement count more than half of the global tuna consumption is caught. Since the PNA countries decided to introduce a Vessel Day Scheme in 2007, followed a year later by the closures on Fish aggregating Devices (FADs) and extended their jurisdiction to more then 4,5 million square kilometers (1,5 times the size of the European continent), PNA is in terms of volumes and innovative fishery management without any doubt the most interesting experiment on making tuna fisheries more sustainable.