CopyRIGHT project: ensuring copyright compliance when reusing learning materials

Published on
September 26, 2019

SURF, WUR and several universities and the UvO Foundation are developing a tool to support lecturers on the (re)use of learning material while ensuring copyright compliance.

The CopyRIGHT project is developing a tool to give lecturers tailored advice on the (re)use of copyrighted materials, licenses, and (open) alternatives in their digital learning environment. This innovative project is a cooperation between SURF, several universities and the UvO Foundation, foundation representing publishers. Wageningen University is taking part in this project.


Both universities and publishers want to reduce after-the-fact checking of copyright compliance. They need help for up-front compliance with legislation and contracts. To do this, a tool is being developed that will help lecturers comply with copyright rules and prevent copyright infringement and fines. The tool will be implemented in the learning management system. Universities will also receive reports on the usage of copyrighted materials. This will give them a better overview of material use and reduce administrative costs.

Next steps

Different scenarios have been considered to the develop the tool. Some steps still need to be taken before the final product is released. You can read more about the CopyRIGHT project, its benefits and its future development on the SURF blog.