Copyright in the (electronic) learning environment

Published on
January 12, 2005

Lecturers at Wageningen University are frequently questioned about citing material from third parties, whether from a paper or an electronic version. In 2004 a new 'reader agreement' was established with the PRO (Publication and Reproduction Rights Organisation), which regulates the use of short sections of texts written by others. This agreement applies to both paper and electronic readers. But what is precisely understood by the term 'short sections'? And what should be done about longer sections? In order to provide an answer to this problem, Wageningen UR Library has compiled an information page about copyright in the learning environment, including electronic sources.

Wageningen UR Library has signed a contract with the publishers about accessing electronic versions of journals. Some contracts state that articles may be used in papers and in an internal network for the benefit of education. In this case no separate permission is required and no extra compensation needs to be paid. However, the source must always be quoted. An overview of all these agreements can be found on the the copyright information page at the library website.

    (newsletter 4-2005)