Course: Basic Course in Nematology

Published on
January 1, 2016

The Basic Course in Nematology aims to make you familiar with essential and practical techniques in nematology within a period of three weeks. Apart from the handling of nematodes you will also be trained in the identification of a number of plant parasitic and free living nematodes. This course is given in the afternoon; this allows you to attend during morning times other, more specific nematological modules (see below).

Various techniques for the extraction and recognition of plant parasitic nematodes from soil samples and plant material will be demonstrated. Subsequently, you have ample opportunity to practise. Although plant parasitic nematodes play a key role in this course, attention will be paid to entomopathogenic nematodes and the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans as well.   

Each day a selection of our extensive collection of fixed nematodes and infested plant material will be presented. After three weeks, participants will be examined on their ability to identify the most common plant parasitic nematodes in living samples at low magnification, as well as their ability to diagnose a set of fixed nematode-infested plant material.


The course will be held at the Laboratory of Nematology (Wageningen University), from 14th of March till 1th of April 2016, daily from 13.30 till 17.15. 

Course supervision and teaching:

  • Joost Riksen

For whom?

This course is specifically for those that want to make themselves familiar with the basics of applied nematology. It's a 'hands on' course; you will receive a very practical training & no (or hardly) any formal lectures. This course is often used as a preperation for our more specialized courses (see below).

More information:

The fee includes coffee/tea, literature, reprints and manuals. Accommodation is not included, please contact Lisette Groeneveld for a list of hotels, rooms and Bed & Breakfasts.