Course: Identification of plant-parasitic nematodes

Published on
April 20, 2015

This module is particularly useful for those who are interested in morphological species identification of major plant-parasitic nematodes.

This one week identification course will focus on the morphological identification of plant-parasitic nematodes at genus and species level. Major plant-parasitic nematode taxa within the Tylenchomorpha (root-knot, cyst, lesion and stem/bulb nematodes) and Triplonchida/Dorylaimida (virus-transmitting nematodes) will be discussed. For this, lectures will be presented focussing on the most useful identification characteristics at genus and species level. Additionally the genera and species can be studied light microscopically with permanent slides and live nematodes with the help of pictorial and other identification keys. Also the identification of nematodes with other tools at protein and DNA level will be discussed. This course is particularly useful for those who are interested in species identification of the most important plant-parasitic taxa. It is also possible to bring your own slides/material for identification or to focus on other plant-parasitic nematode groups. This identification course will be taught at the National Plant Protection Organization in Wageningen by Gerrit Karssen.


Max. 10


The course will be held at NVWA, from 8th till 12th of June 2015, daily from 9.00 till 17.00h.

Course supervision and teaching:

  • Gerrit Karssen (NVWA)

For whom?

This course is specifically for those who would like to get more experience in the species identification of plant-parasitic nematodes. Some experience in nematology and microscopy is recommended, but not necessary.

More information:

The fee this includes coffee/tea, literature, reprints and manuals. Accommodation is not included, please contact Lisette Groeneveld for a list of hotels, rooms and Bed & Breakfasts.