Course 'Modelling Plant Form and Function using GroIMP’, 27-30 June 2016, Wageningen.

Published on
March 30, 2016
On 27-30 June 2016, the course ‘Modelling Plant Form and Function using GroIMP’ will be organised in Wageningen.


In plant and crop science many research questions are related to one or more aspects of plant architecture (the three-dimensional (3D) organisation of the plant body), such as plant competition, crop management, resource acquisition, photomorphogenesis, intraspecific interactions, etc. Therefore, to better understand how plants with a specific genetic basis grow and develop in specific environmental conditions, it is essential to take plant architecture into account. To help address such questions simulation models have been developed that represent plant architecture and its development as an integral component, called Functional-Structural Plant (FSP) models.


This course contains hands-on modelling tutorials (both basic and advanced) on FSP modelling using the simulation platform GroIMP. It is open to PhD candidates, postdocs and university staff who wish to learn about FSP modelling in general and using GroIMP in particular, and who are interested in using FSP models to address questions related to plant growth, development, competition, and performance in relation to their growing environment. The course contains a workshop component in which recent work using FSP models will be presented and discussed.

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