Course 'The Milk Chain: The Dutch integrated approach'

Published on
July 14, 2019

The quality of milk and milk products when they reach the consumer is determined by all actors in the milk chain. Under the pressure of global climate change and growing demands of food production, how to continue producing high quality dairy products with high consumer confidence is our main interest. Inspired by the Dutch integrated approach, this course will lead you through the whole milk chain from farm to consumer to discuss all the factors that influence the quality of milk products.

Programme and topics

In this course, you will gather the latest scientific insights related to dairy products, quality control as well as consumer perceptions and their interlinks through the whole milk chain. The focus will be on cow’s milk but some attention will also be given to goat’s milk. The course includes a variety of lectures, case study presentations and group works. The topics are introduced by different Dutch and Chinese experts (from academia, company, dairy associations, etc.). There will be various opportunities for interaction with other participants and the experts.

In this course, the following topics are addressed:

- Quality control and assurance through the milk chain
- Milk composition and structure
- International insights on varieties of dairy products
- Sustainable milk production
- Consumer management on dairy products

Target Group

As the topic tells itself, the milk chain brought all sectors of the chain together. This course is designed for all the stakeholders that have an influence on the quality of the final dairy product: farm manager, raw milk producer, processing manager, quality control manager, technician, product developer, sales manager, policy-makers, etc. People from all industries can find their interest in this course, for instance, consultant, NGO, governors, dairy companies, researchers, etc.


After completion of this course, you are able to identify and understand the factors to be covered in order to produce high quality dairy products with high consumer confidence. With this knowledge, you will be able to assess the most important risks and identify the methods to guard the quality, safety and sustainability of milk (products). Most importantly, you will be connected with other participants from all sectors for future collaboration and discussions.

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