Course on Data Management Planning

Published on
December 18, 2012

In November, the course Data Management Planning was given to beginning PhD researchers for the first time. The course was organized by the library as part of the Wageningen Graduate Schools’ education programme. This one-day course was focussed on creating a Data Management Plan and maintaining that plan for a project's duration. In 2013, this course is going to be given twice for 24 participants.

The library views its responsibility mainly as archiving datasets after a research project has finished. However, it became clear in preparing the course that data management must also be considered from the start of an investigation. For this reason, instructors were also brought in from outside the university who could elucidate data management from other perspectives, including informatics and statistics. Important parts of the course were information analysis, the automated management and documenting of research data, short- and long-term storage, and data rights and licenses.

After the course, participants immediately go to work on designing a Data Management Plan for their research using the theoretical framework they receive in the course. These plans are then discussed in groups.

(newsletter 7-2012)