Cream of science

Published on
July 29, 2005

'Keur der Wetenschap' (Cream of Science) is the shop window of science carried out in the Netherlands. The publication lists of two hundred leading scientists are supplemented with as many full texts as possible and are accessible via a special website. A selection of ten Wageningen researchers is included in 'Keur der Wetenschap'.
In the last few months, Wageningen UR Library has been working hard to complete the publication lists with links to full texts on the Internet, by scanning the texts of a total of more than 3000 publications, more than half of which are also available in digital form.
The 'Keur der Wetenschap' project is part of the national programme DARE (Digital Academic Repositories) and is intended to allow experience to be gained through the development of Institutional Repositories (WaY) and to convince researchers that extra attention is needed for both saving and accessing their publications. The project clearly demonstrates that many, especially older publications are extremely difficult to recover and that searching for even digitally available publications can be laborious.
During the official presentation of 'Keur der Wetenschap' on 10 May, Bert Speelman, Rector Magnificus of Wageningen UR was one of those who signed the Berlin Declaration on Open Access, thus also officially confirming the importance of open access to Wageningen research results.

    (newsletter 6-2005)