Criteria for NWO Open Access Promotional Fund Broadened

Published on
April 27, 2010

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) provides money not only for publishing in Open Access journals but also, most recently, for buying an article's copyright for Open Access. You can also submit a funding request to NWO when you want to publish a peer-reviewed scientific monograph in Open Access. NWO has decided to broaden its funding criteria because of the proven need for it among researchers.

NWO wants to encourage free access to scientific publications on the internet. To do this, the organisation is providing 2.5 million Euros in its Open Access Promotional Fund. For researchers, €5,000 is available per NWO project for Open Access publication. More about the request procedure can be found under the Subsidy Guide on the NWO website.

While the Wageningen UR Library spent a total of about €25,000 on Open Access author fees in 2007, the amount for author fees in 2010 had already risen to about €50,000 by mid-year. The virtual costs of Springer's Open Choice (the author can choose whether to publish his article in Open Access) were not counted in this total; that is part of the journal licenses. More and more publishers are participating in Open Access, even Nature and Nature Communications.

(Newsletter 4-2010)