Critical Perspectives on Social Theory is open for registration

Published on
March 6, 2014

from Friday 16 May 2014 until Friday 30 May 2014

Critical social theoretical perspectives are a well-established and essential part of academic debate. For researchers entering their voices into these debates, it is necessary to have a working knowledge of many branches of such theories, both to effectively carry out new research and to engage in dialogue with an international audience about this research. Moreover, theoretical development is a cumulative process: as new theories come to the fore, they are built on foundations from historical waves of theoretical development. To engage with new developments, it is often vitally important to have a working knowledge of what preceded them, and the different interpretations and influences that situate the historical progression of theoretical perspectives. The objective of this course, in the brief time allowed, is to give participants the opportunity to engage with some of the major foundational movements in critical social theory (during the first intensive week), then to explore different expansions of those movements in six individual seminars on important contemporary branches of theory.