News a new curriculum for primary and secondary education in the Netherlands

Published on
October 17, 2019

On October 10, the Minister of Education received suggestions and plans for an updated curriculum for the entire primary and secondary school curriculum. Nine teams of teachers and school leaders, supported by researchers and other experts, developed an outline of the curriculum for 9 different learning domains.

In the new plans, many interesting developments can be found from a WUR perspective. There is more attention for the grand challenges in the world, such as environment, sustainability, health and equality. The importance of skills for interdisciplinary collaboration, intercultural communication, entrepreneurial mindset and digital literacy is also stressed in the plans. Various ELS representatives provided feedback to the development team ‘Mens en Natuur’. Their plans can be found here.

ELS also contributed via the scientific advisory board, of which Perry den Brok was the chairman. More info on this board can be found here. Their advise can be found here (see page 40 onwards).