Data Management plans and EU Horizon 2020

Published on
March 27, 2014

Wageningen UR is actively pursuing a policy to improve the management of its research data. From 1 April, a data management plan will be part of every PhD project and every chair group is expected to develop a management plan at group level.

In its new program 'Horizon 2020', the EU is requiring that all requests for research finance contain the data management agreements that have been made between the participating institutions. This information covers the following questions:

  • What data will be collected
  • What standards will be used to collect data
  • How will the data be made available for verification and re-use
  • How will the data be described and archived for the long term

These points can also be used in a proposal to request money for data management.

A data management plan also has to be made per dataset for several parts of 'Horizon 2020'. This requirement is specific to the sections that are part of the ‘Open research data pilot’. For each dataset, the following information must be outlined in detail in a plan:

  • What metadata and standards will be used
  • How the data will be shared
  • How the data will be sustainably archived

In its current plans, the EU is focusing on plans per consortium and per dataset while Wageningen UR is now developing plans per PhD research proposal and per chair group. The EU is also interested in what will happen to the data after the research is completed. These different types of plans do not conflict with one another: If data are well managed during the research, they will also be easier to archive when the project is finished. The facilities that Wageningen UR Library offers can help in managing data during research.

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