Defining the flower beds near De Zaaier


Defining the flower beds near De Zaaier

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9 november 2018

Two years ago, nearly 19,000 flower bulbs were planted in beds on the west side of the Atlas building at the initiative of Stichting Ruimte Denken. The flower beds are clearly visible in the spring and have been met with enthusiasm around campus.

As the pattern could use further definition, the company Donkergroen (responsible for landscape maintenance on Wageningen Campus) has offered to donate an additional 11,500 bulbs (8,000 crocuses and 3,500 daffodils) for the 100-year anniversary of WUR.

Designer Jan van IJzendoorn and advisor Peter Kurstjens of Stichting Ruimte Denken have teamed up with dozens of volunteers to plant the bulbs that were donated to WUR. More bulbs will be planted near De Zaaier itself and additional crocus bulbs will be planted in the flower beds located further away. This will ensure an even more colourful growing season next year!

Salient detail: The volunteers who planted the bulbs are alumni from the years 1967 and 1968 of the Catholic Student Society St. Francis Xaverius, now about 50 years ago. These were the years of 'the imagination in power' and demonstrations around De Zaaier on the Salverdaplein.

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