Demonstrating the impact of environmental social science

Published on
December 8, 2016

Demonstrating the societal relevance and impact is an increasingly important part of social scientific research. The Environmental Policy Group has developed a series of ‘impact case studies’ to highlight how our work goes beyond the walls of academia.

Not all research leads to an observable (let alone measurable) impact on society. But highlighting impacts when they are seen is an valuable additional step after the research is done. The Environmental Policy Group at Wageningen University has developed an impacts page to give greater visibility to our projects that have had impact.

The newly launched impacts page outlines four case studies from different parts of the world and with different impacts. Environmental Policy group researchers were asked to answer four questions in the development of their impact case studies: What was the problem? What did we do? What happened? Who did we influence? In the coming weeks each of the impact case studies will be presented.

Over time the database of Environmental Policy impacts will expand, demonstrating a commitment to showing impact when they are made.

Infographic ENP in 8 facts.png