Designing two energy saving greenhouse concepts

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12 maart 2014

Wouter Verkerke, Frank Kempkes, Eric Poot

Greenportkas II was a new greenhouse concept for further reduction of the energy use in protected tomato cultivation by the use of coated double glazing. This new concept was aimed at the production of tomatoes. It was thoroughly ex ante evaluated through an iterative process with Kaspro calculations and discussions with the grower before the construction of the greenhouse started. This led to a better system lay-out. However, this concept could not be built. Subsequently, another innovative greenhouse concept was ex ante supported with similar calculations and discussions. These activities contributed to the design and building of this new concept: the ID greenhouse. A plan for the monitoring of the energy performance of this new tomato greenhouse was written.

Financers are the PT, Ministry of Economic Affairs and 'kas als Energiebron'.