Desktop Portals: your guide in the information jungle

Published on
July 29, 2005

Next to the Shortcuts page in Wageningen Desktop Library for example you will find Portals: discipline-orientated starting pages with (mainly scientific) information sources. The information portals contain a selection of sources that are available and will guide you to the most important ones for a particular discipline. This can be important for example if you are searching for information but do not know which databases would be the best ones to consult. The information portals are linked to the classification of Wageningen UR in Sciences Groups, supplemented by a portal 'Basic and Agricultural Sciences' for more general information sources.

For example, on the starting pages of the information portals you can also find, amongst other things: support when searching for information, sources per subject, sources per type and general bibliographic files that are important for the particular discipline.
By selecting a specific subjects page, you will obtain an overview of the most important sources for this subject: bibliographic files (the number of stars is an indication of its importance for this subject), scientific journals, professional journals, textbooks, reference books and selected websites. The links under 'Wageningen Catalogue' allow a list to be generated of all sources (books, journals, reports, dissertations, websites, etc.), of all journals or of all electronic journals on the subject in the catalogue.

    (newsletter 6-2005)