Development application of powdered activated carbon


Development application of powdered activated carbon

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16 augustus 2017

Dutch growers quickly need to invest in technology for the removal of plant protection products from discharge water, to apply to new regulations from January 1st 2018 onwards.

In a cross-over project between TKI Horticulture and TKI Water Technology KWR Water Cycle Institute and Wageningen University & Research Business Unit Greenhouse Horticulture work together to develop a new technology: application of powdered activated carbon. Laboratory scale experiments showed the potential of this technology for purification of Standardised Water. With project partners HortiMaX, VAM Watertech, Enthoven Techniek en WaterQ a pilot installation is developed for proof-of-principle of this technology, to come to certification of the technology in the end. According to planning, application for approval of the technology will be done in October/November.

Powdered activated carbon

Powdered activated carbon is dosed to the discharge water. After a fixed contact time, it is filtered from the water. Treated water will be discharged to the sewer system, used powdered activated carbon will be properly handled. This method will be feasible for growers that only irregularly discharge small amounts of water, or will be strongly decreasing the amount of discharge water in the coming years under influence of the nitrogen emission standards.

This research programme is financed by Stichting Programmafonds Glastuinbouw, Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmateriaal (TKI Tuinbouw) and Topsector Water (TKI Watertechnologie).