Dialogue Centre gets green light

Published on
July 27, 2020

With the signing of the building contract on 23 July the Executive Board of Wageningen University & Research has given green light to the construction of the Dialogue Center on Wageningen Campus.

Multifunctional business card

The Dialogue Center will be a multifunctional building that will replace the Aula, where we can hold symposia, where the dialogue between WUR and society takes place and where we can receive guests. The modern and contemporary design by architecture firm Broekbakema is also a business card of WUR for passers-by and visitors to the campus.

Green roof

The new building will have a roof with vegetation (sedum roof). The plants protect against sunlight and rain, and against extreme temperature differences. This makes the roof last longer. It also muffles the sounds of rain and hail. In winter the sedum layer retains heat, and in summer it has a cooling effect.

Energy efficient

The positive influence of the roof on the indoor temperature is supplemented by a connection to the campus warming and cooling circuit (WC circuit) and heat recovery in the air treatment of the building. The WC circuit will be built on campus from this summer and will connect most on-campus WUR buildings so that they can make use of each other's shortages and surpluses.

It goes without saying that the Dialogue Center will be equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting.

Ready in 2022

Building company Berghege will start construction in mid-September 2020. To prevent any nuisance, the foundation is not driven, but screwed. WUR’s Facilities Services supervises the construction and furnishing. Completion is planned for January 2022. The actual commissioning of the Dialogue Center is scheduled for April 2022.