Different greenhouses with the same production for Sweet Pepper

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4 mei 2017

Two Sweet Pepper crops grown in different greenhouse resulted in comparable results for production. In both greenhouse systems there was a significant saving of energy. In 2016 Sweet Peppers were grown in the VenLow Energy greenhouse. At the same time, the same variety Maranello was grown in a compartment of Dephy-Improvement Centre at the same stem density and equal planting date. The two experiment showed that different greenhouse systems can result in the same production.

Difference and similarities

The VenLow Energy greenhouse has double glass panels in the roof and a moveable foil screen. The compartment in the Improvement Centre has single glass and double screens. It was expected that there will occur differences in growth and production. Fruit set was surprisingly similar, with ups and lows in the same weeks. Also the fruit load was comparable. At the end of the cultivation period the plants in the Venlow Energy greenhouse were taller. The production was remarkable similar (35 kg/m2), while there were differences in diurnal temperature, relative humidity and CO2 level. Apparently are stimulating and inhibitory effects of the climate balanced in the two greenhouse.

Reduced Net Radiation

The similarity of the two greenhouses has been a reduced net radiation during night time. At the IC by intensive use of the double screens and in the VenLow Energy greenhouse by the double glass panel and the foil. In both greenhouses climate was managed for optimal conditions according to the development of the crop. This two experiments showed that with different greenhouse systems it is possible to have the same result in production if the cultivation strategy is in accordance with crop development.

This research was supported by ‘Kas als Energiebron’, the innovation and action programme of LTO Glaskracht Nederland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.