Digital test for Information Literacy

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30 oktober 2012

On 5 October, 122 first-year biology students received a digital examination to test their information literacy skills and information knowledge. This was the first time that a digital test had been administered for this subject, which is taught by the library's information specialists. A digital test was given because it offers more ways to evaluate students. Furthermore, statistics for each student, for each question and for the exam as whole can be immediately sent to the instructor. Correcting the exam also takes less time, although that also depends on the type of questions asked. This exam consisted of closed questions only.

For the exam's practical organisation, we received help from EduSupport. They ensured that the exam was placed on the right computers in the right rooms, and they stayed in the room during the exam to see that everything ran smoothly. Fortunately, everything went well, and all students were finished within the expected time. This first exam has been a positive experience for us. This has given us reason to further explore this test form and to gradually gain more experience with it.

(newsletter 6-2012)