Tammo Bult EFARO president


Dr Tammo Bult, Director of IMARES Wageningen UR, has been named President of EFARO

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16 juni 2015

Tammo Bult was elected President during the Annual General Meeting on 4 June, effective immediately and for the customary term of two years.

EFARO is the European Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Organisation and comprises 27 directors of institutes specialising in fishing and aquaculture. The goal of the organisation, established in 1989, is to facilitate the sustainable development, management and use of marine resources. The members are responsible for the available experts, expertise and facilities in Europe.

EFARO is an association that promotes the interests of research institutes, including the requirement made of researchers to provide advice within an international framework (ICES, STECF) and how this is financed. EFARO also has an influence on the research agenda and calls from Brussels. This gives the position of the President of EFARO strategic value in European networks and EU programmes like Horizon 2020. Tammo is carrying out this role alongside his work as Director of IMARES Wageningen UR.


Tammo Bult is honoured to have been appointed President and will make every effort together with the members to, in particular, clearly profile the organisation at EU level.