Dutch Biology Olympiad 2016

Published on
June 17, 2016

From 8 - 15 June the final of the 26e Dutch Biology Olympiad (NBO), a competition among Dutch high school students, took place at Wageningen University.

Twenty finalists from all over the Netherlands participate during 8 days in workshops ranging from plant anatomy to molecular biology. Friday (June 5th), these students got a crash course in molecular phylogenetics, in other words how to reconstruct evolution on the basis of DNA sequence data. The students had to extract DNA from animal hairs and identify the animal species.

Here you see some impressions about the course organized by Sven van den Elsen and Hans Helder at the Laboratory of Nematology of Wageningen University. June 15 it became clear which students (four) are going to represent The Netherlands in the International Biology Olympics that will be held in Hanoi (Vietnam).

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