Dutch and Ethiopian educational institutes work together to improve dairy education

Published on
May 30, 2016

Dutch and Ethiopian educational institutes discussed ways to improve dairy education in Ethiopia during the Netherlands-Ethiopia Trade Mission in May, organised by the Dutch Embassy with assistance of Wageningen UR Livestock’s DairyBISS project. The Trade Mission was the first official trade and knowledge mission ever.

One of the challenges for further development of the Ethiopian dairy sector is acknowledged to be a lack of knowledgeable and skilled personnel for production as well as on processing. A consortium of Dutch educational institutes, known as the Borderless Network, joined the Netherlands Ethiopian Trade Mission last week to discuss with Ethiopian educational institutes how to improve the expertise and skills of students in dairy education.

Current dairy education on all levels is challenged by the theoretical focus, rather than supporting students to gain practical experience. There is no link between the educational system and the private sector, leading to a lack of understanding what the sector expects from graduated students. In addition, there is no specific dairy education; the topic is integrated in more general animal education.  

During a workshop organised by DairyBISS, representatives of the Borderless Network (Van Hall Larenstein, AOC Nordwincollege, AOC Wellant and Wageningen University & Research centre) and representatives of seven Ethiopian universities and four ATVETs agreed to work together to improve Ethiopian dairy education in the future.