Dutch dissertations on the internet

Published on
June 20, 2006

In the Netherlands more than 2,500 dissertations are published every year; about five percent of the yearly scientific output. More and more dissertations are online available as well.

Now there is the National Dissertations Site with already more than 10.000 digital dissertations of all Dutch Universities freely accessible for everyone. This is a project within DARE, a program of the Dutch universities, NWO and KNAW. The program aims at coordination and stimulation of a network of digital, scientific publications available for everyone.

Wageningen UR is a great advocate of public access to dissertations and therefore has introduced since 2001 the obligation to submit a PDF-version of dissertations to the Library. These dissertations are added to Wageningen Yield and automatically included in the National Dissertations Site. By now 575 Wageningen dissertations are full text available. Do you also wish to put your dissertation on display in the national show window and do you have a digital version available, then contact the Library‚Äôs Helpdesk.

(Newsletter 4-2006)