Dutch learning points for Colombian dairy sector development

Published on
October 4, 2016

Representing Dutch DairyCaB partner, Wageningen Livestock Research, senior researcher sustainable dairy Maarten Vrolijk on three occasions in Colombia presented the successes and challenges of the Dutch Dairy sector. These observations may help the Colombian stakeholders to choose the right ‘do’s and don’ts’ in the development of te Colombian dairy sector.

For 600 participants of the Agrofuturo exhibition in Medellin Mr Vrolijk’s key topics were: commercial dairy farming and how to improve technical and management results, while maintaining sustainability. He also presented the main goals of DairyCaB: increase yield of grass and fodder crops, improve calf and heifer management; and increase the use and quality of management information.

The second presentation, with 60 participants at the Universidad de Antioquia, was about sustainability and improving results on all aspects of sustainability, agricultural innovation and knowledge systems, co-creation of knowledge in networks; and the research on system innovations at Wageningen Livestock Research and in the DairyCaB project.

The third presentation was at the Congreso Internacional de la Industria Láctea in Bogotá. Topics of the presentation were the successes of the Dutch dairy farmers and processors, the sustainable Dutch Dairy Chain; and the research at Wageningen Livestock Research and DairyCaB.

During a visit at one of the DairyCaB demonstration farms, Mr Rummenie, the Dutch agricultural Counsellor for Colombia, learned that the Colombian partners are eager to experiment with new crops, and to share the results with Colombian dairy farmers and other stakeholders.

An interview was published in El Espectador (, one of the main newspapers in Colombia.