Dutch libraries included in WorldCat

Published on
June 20, 2006

WorldCat is a worldwide library catalogue containing more than 70 million titles. Information on titles and possession of 9 million books of Dutch Libraries has been included in WorldCat. Of the nine million titles that were added, 4 million turned out to be unique.

WorldCat offers a simple way of searching the collections of all Dutch (university) libraries in one action. To be able to do so, use this search form.  

Search actions are initially restricted to title words like in this example, but you can also search on author or subject.

If you wish to see in which libraries a title is available, click on the title and introduce the location information, for example ‘Dutch’ or ‘Wageningen, Netherlands’.

 More and more titles are shown in WorldCat through the standard search engines, but they are a long distance away from all 70 million titles. Yahoo! with about 5 million titles offers the best results.

(Newsletter 4-2006)