ELS student shares her experiences with her internship at Plant Sciences

Published on
July 20, 2018

Hilde Vaessen did her internship assignment with ECS for the Bsc Plant Sciences. Her work was divided over two projects.

The first project was about setting up a Bsc Plant Sciences course library , containing all course materials, learning outcomes and assessment strategies, to be available for Bsc and Msc students, teachers and programme committees. Hilde created one big index of all the learning outcomes, literature, lectures, assignments, self-tests, assessment strategies and other materials of the courses in the Bsc programme. Alongside this, she made an overview of which knowledge domains and skills are covered in each course. Hilde presented her work on the Bsc Plant Sciences teacher’s day, opening up the discussion on how to go about setting up the course library in practice. This work is now continued by the programme director.

For her second project, Hilde worked in the team of teachers preparing the practical course Knowledge of Crops (gewassenkennis). The amount of students has more than doubled over the past 5 years. Hilde’s assignment was to work out how the practical could be adapted to accommodate the lower teacher:student ratio and keep the students motivated to keep up with the course work. For this, she created knowledge clips, adapted the workbook and set up a bonus points system. The knowledge clips have not been found much yet, but the bonus system worked well. Many students completed chapters of their workbook before the answers were provided on BlackBoard. Additionally, a large crate full of herbariums created with much love by students, were handed in for grading!