EM-SANF enrolment doubled for 2016/2017

Published on
October 11, 2016

This academic year a large new cohort of EM-SANF students launched off for their international degree programme. EM-SANF stands for European Master in Sustainable Animal Nutrition and Feeding, focusing on the feeding and nutrition of food producing animals with a multidisciplinary approach towards productivity, animal health, welfare and environmental aspects. The current cohort almost doubled the annual enrolment of the previous 4 cohorts of students.

We attracted, next to the EU-paid scholarship students (16) an almost equal number of self-paying students. Some of them were ‘recruted’ by alumni from previous years, like Farran from New Zealand (see box below).

Four universities in Europe take part in this MSc programme: (1) Ecole d'Ingénieurs de Purpan, France; (2) Aarhus University, Denmark; (3) University of Debrecen, Hungary; and (4) Wageningen University, the Netherlands. Each partner university within the Consortium has its own expertise in research and education. Each student, however, will visit two of the four universities during the two-year programme and will eventually be granted a ‘double degree’.

I was able to discover this life-changing experience, and for this I am forever grateful to you (team and partners) from the bottom of my heart for everything you have made possible for us!
Farran, New Zealand

The EM-SANF programme starts with a two-week introduction course in August: 'Welcome to EM-SANF', in Wageningen, the Netherlands. After this course, students follow courses in their first year at the two assigned universities (typically September to June/July). All courses during both semesters (S1 and S2) are therefore in principle ‘thesis-preparing’ courses closely linked to the future thesis work. Students follow these advanced courses to fully prepare themselves for their thesis work thereafter. Highly qualified staff incorporate new concepts within these courses using the latest insights from recently finished PhD-thesis research.

From next year onwards, the programme won’t receive any scholarships from Brussels. The programme needs to be self-sustained and we therefore negotiate with industries to  help in funding potential students. Thus, the EM-SANF MSc programme is still open for motivated students with a background in Animal Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Biology or related fields, who would like to specialise in the field of Animal Nutrition (