ENP is proud to welcome our new postdoc Saskia van der Kooij

Published on
May 1, 2017

Saskia van der Kooij recently started her postdoc research at the ENP group. She is employed in the multidisciplinary project “From Toilet to Food”. This project looks at the recovery of nutrients from wastewater, to be used in agriculture for food production. Saskia will use a sanitation – water technology – agricultural systems approach to analyse the possibilities for re-using nutrients from waste water in food production. She will explore novel approaches to conceptualise the nutrient cycle.

Saskia completed her MSc Irrigation and Water Management at Wageningen University with a minor in Communication and Innovation (with distinction). After obtaining her MSc diploma, she worked for two years at the Irrigation and Water Management group in Wageningen as a junior researcher. Saskia was awarded an individual PhD scholarship from the research school WASS and her PhD was positioned in the research project Drip irrigation Realities in Perspective.

Fascinated by the interactions between society, technology and nature, Saskia analysed in her PhD how farmers shift from surface irrigation to drip irrigation in Northern Morocco. With an historical analysis she studied the co-evolution of the irrigation infrastructure and the management of the irrigation system. This PhD study raised questions on resource use efficiency, a theme she will further work on in her postdoc project.

Based at the Environmental Policy group, Saskia will closely work together with the WUR groups Crop System Analysis, Environmental Technology and Soil Quality.