ENP welcomes PhD candidate Nathalia Lima Pinto

Published on
October 20, 2016

My name is Nathalia Lima Pinto. I'm a PhD student from Brazil and I came to Wageningen for an exchange period of 1 year. In WUR I'm a guest researcher of the cooperation project “Global Transformations in Access to Sustainable Food” of CAPES/NUFFIC between Brazil and the Netherlands.

I am a Bachelor in Business administration and Master in Rural Extension with  research involving certification and food labelling, particulary focusing on Fair Trade and Protected Designation of Origin, and how this kind of intelectual regimes of protection in food impacts family farming in Brazil.

Currently, I'm a PhD Candidate at the Human Sciences Interdisciplinary at Federal University of Santa Catarina/ Brazil. I am a researcher at IRIS – Institute of Risk and Sustainability,  and my subject of research are the transformations in the contemporary Gastronomy and Culinary through new practices and speeches concerning local and sustainable food. My priority interest fields are: Science and Technology Studies;  Food Studies and Sociology of Food.