ENP welcomes Violet Ross as new PhD Candidate

Published on
April 21, 2020

Violet started her PhD in January with the Environmental Policy and Law research groups on the topic of plastics and the circular economy. She comes from an interdisciplinary background, studying Chinese language and history for her bachelor’s degree and environmental science at Imperial College London for her masters.

Her time spent living and working in China for over two years enhanced her awareness of and interest in global environmental issues. She has work experience in environmental data disclosure for a Beijing-based NGO and environmental impact assessment for a global planning company where she gained first-hand experience in the application of EU regulations for a range of technical disciplines, including waste, water, and ecology.

Violet Ross

Violet enjoys engaging with a variety of research methods and scientific disciplines to look holistically at a topic. During her master’s she worked on a group consultancy project for waste management firm Veolia, conducted stakeholder interviews and won the Nigel Bell Prize 2018 for her Master’s thesis where she delivered a systematic literature review on methods to price air pollution. As a PhD candidate Violet is excited to develop her research and collaborate with members of the social science group to improve understanding of how circular economy concepts can be applied to the problem of plastics.