ENP welcomes new PhD researcher Mandy Doddema

Published on
September 23, 2015

ENP is proud to announce that a new colleague has joined our team: Mandy Doddema. As PhD researcher, Mandy will evaluate the implementation of ‘information rich’ traceability systems for small-scale tuna fisheries in Indonesia. Her research will explore the role of incentives in data collection in small-scale fisheries and how fishermen and other value chain actors respond to increasing information demands.

Mandy is interested in market-based governance, data-limited fisheries, traceability and sustainable production and consumption. Her interest in these topics developed during her studies at Wageningen University where she obtained both her Bachelor in International Development Studies and her Master in Aquaculture and Marine Resources Management. Her Master thesis evaluated the emergence of ‘Fisheries Improvement Projects’ (FIPs) and how FIPs and global value chains enable and constrain fishermen upgrading opportunities.

PPior to starting her PhD, she worked for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) where she implemented policy and research projects to increase accessibility of MSC program for small-scale and developing country fisheries. Through her PhD studies, she hopes to specialize in data-limited fisheries governance. The PhD research is carried out under two ENP research programmes: Benefiting from Innovations in Sustainable and Equitable Tuna Management in the Coral Triangle and Western Pacific (BESTTuna) and Improving Fisheries Information and Traceability for Tuna (IFITT). Prof. Gert Spaargaren is her promotor and Dr. Simon Bush is her supervisor.