ENP welcomes new PhD researcher Pamela Bachmann Vargas

Published on
April 22, 2015

Pamela is interested in how to integrate, the concept of ecosystem services within the environmental institutional framework in Chile, aiming to support decision making process, at national and/or local level. As a case study, she will be conducting fieldwork in Chilean Patagonia (Aysén region), among other areas.

Throughout her career, she has been involved in scientific research projects and environmental consultancy, associated to research teams within University of Chile (Faculty of Sciences and Faculty of Economy and Business). Since her Bachelor's thesis she has been working on Patagonia, by that time the concept of citizen participation, in public agencies was analyzed. Subsequently, she conducted master's studies in Chile (University of Chile) and Germany (Kiel University), where ecosystem modeling and mapping/modeling of ecosystem services in Patagonia were analyzed.

Prior to starting her PhD, she conducted research in ecosystem services analysis and quantification in Atacama Desert, and also was involved in consultancy project, about the state of the art of ecosystem services studies in Chile, requested by the Ministry of Environment. Through her PhD studies, she aims to specialize in governance dynamics regarding ecosystem services, at South American and Chilean context.  The PhD research is supported by BecasChile Program (CONICYT/2014). Prof. Arthur Mol is her promotor and Dr. Kris van Koppen is her supervisor.