ENP welcomes new post-doc researcher Anastasia Moiseeva

Published on
November 4, 2015

Anastasia Moiseeva started as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Environmental Policy Group on the 15th October 2015. Anastasia will work on a project the Urban Nexus of food, water and energy during the next three years. The focus of the project is an access to infrastructure and resources flows by the urban poor in East Africa, Brazil and Eastern Europe. It is a joined project together with the University of Sao Paulo (USP) and Sussex (SPRU). She will conduct the fieldwork in Kampala, Uganda.

Anastasia has passion for cities, urban environments and sustainable urban growth. Her prior research focused on dynamics of human behaviors and interaction in build environments. She is looking forward to enlarge her knowledge and expertise at the Environmental Policy Group on topics such as Urban Nexus, urban governance and social practice theories.

After working for 2 years as an urban planner at Municipal Centre of Urban Planning and Land Use in Kemerovo, Russia, Anastasia decided to continue her study at an international university.  She received the Huygens Scholarship for International Master in Urbanism at the Faculty of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology.  Anastasia completed the master program with distinction. The focus of her master project ‘Transit Space’ was on transformation of public spaces in new industrial cities in post-socialist Russia from urbanism of network point of view.  The master study inspired her to pursue PhD and learn more about individual’s behaviors in public spaces.

Anastasia completed her PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology at the Urban Planning Group. During her PhD she used GPS technology to collect data on individual behaviors and studied how newcomers to a city learn about public locations over time. She used combination of qualitative, quantitative and visualization techniques to analyze learning dynamics of newcomers.  Anastasia combined PhD research with participation as a vice-chair in the 4 years European Project Cost Action ‘Survey Harmonization with New Technologies Improvement’.