ENP welcomes visiting PhD Min Su

Published on
January 29, 2021

Min Su is joining the Environmental Policy Group (ENP) as a visiting PhD-student. During her stay at ENP in the two years, she will do research on the topic of farmers' agrochemical use behavior in China. Before this, she recieved a Master of Environmental and Resource Economics at Nanjing Agricultural University and now is a third-year PhD-student studying land resource management at Nanjing Agricultural University.

Min Su enjoys engaging farmers’ behavior with econometrics methods and is also interested in expanding the non-econometric approaches which are popular and used within ENP. As a visiting PhD-student, Min Su will be sharing her time between ENP and DEC working together with Peter and Nico. Min's finished work will include research on land transfer, agrochemical retailers and social networks among farmers; she will be back to China to further collect research data through field work.