ENP welcomes visiting PhD researcher Fan Yechao

Published on
October 16, 2015

Sizzling economic expansion over the past 30 years has given rise to alarming ecological degradations in China. The country's environmental issues draw attention from both the domestic and international researchers. Yechao Fan is one of them.

Fan is a second-year PHD student from Renmin University of China, with a research area in enviornmental sociology. His work used to focus on exploring the environmental beliefs and behaviours of Chinese public by analysing national data (CGSS) through advanced statistics methods.

More recently, Fan’s research interest has turned to the development and implementation of environmental policy in China, especially the ecological service payment policy, or "ecological compensation" as known in China. He plans to apply Ecological Modernisation Theory as the general theoretical and analytical perspective to the research of the soil conservation practice in a village in southeast China.                           

To learn more about the new developments in Ecological Modernisation Theory and social theories in social science in environmental protection, Fan will stay with us in ENP for a period of 12 months, until September 2016.