ETE Newsletter column Cees Buisman

Published on
November 18, 2015

Last spring our department celebrated its 50th anniversary. More than 200 participants joined our congress and we concluded that our task is not yet completed. We are convinced that the Department of Environmental Technology will also be needed in the next 50 years, because many environmental problems still exist. The scandal of the diesel emissions pointed again to the severe pollution of cars and the unhealthy effects of NOx and fine particles.

The good news is that after years of crisis the mindset seems to shift to the environ- ment again. For the climate top in Paris many state leaders will participate, and the expectations are higher than ever. This renewed interest in the environment is inspiring our researchers and students. Our department will continue to work on our mission to develop new technologies and concepts for a more sustainable world and to educate new talents. Our research is focused on developing new clean production methods, controlling pollution and reducing natural resource depletion. This way we maximize our impact. 

Our vision is attractive to young people. The number of students in our department is growing every year. ETE’s research is connected to 3 Wageningen University M.Sc. courses: Environmental Sciences, Urban Environmental Management and Water Technology. These result in more than 70 M.Sc. theses per year. Combined with our 60 Ph.D. students we deliver 8 new talents per month to society. We believe this is our major contribution to a more sustainable world.