Ecological intensification of Asian aquaculture

Published on
December 12, 2019

Some 20 years ago, the Indonesian government, through the
National Institute for Freshwater Aquaculture and Fisheries Extension (RIFAFE) and the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) started a collaboration in freshwater aquaculture research.
In October, as IRD celebrated its 75th anniversary in France, a conference exploring whether ecological intensification could be a rational alternative to increase aquaculture production by maximising the use of ecological processes and ecosystem services, was held in Bogor, Indonesia. The conference on "Ecological Intensification: A New Paragon for Sustainable Aquaculture" focused on how ecological intensification (EI) in aquaculture is able to attain more from less. It was attended by 180 participants from 15 countries discussing various aspects and new ideas on El.

Read the full article in Volume 15 number 6 of Aquaculture Asia Pacific

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