Education and Learning Sciences

Published on
October 30, 2017

The name of our chair group, Education and Competence Studies, is going to change. The university has agreed upon the new proposed name Education and Learning Sciences, or ELS for short. The name of the group will change as a result of the arrival of the new chair holder, Perry den Brok, and as a result of new tasks the group has to fulfil.

These new tasks concern helping the university with evaluation of and gaining expertise on the Wageningen educational ecosystem as well as supporting the own courses and education of the group with innovation and research as well. This means a slight shift in expertise of the group from the already highly developed domain of competences in education and the professions, to  interplay of competence, learning and development with learning environments and teaching, all of course with a specific focus on or in the context of the domain of food and life sciences, the domain for which Wageningen University is known. You will notice that over the upcoming months, the new name will gradually pop up more and more. This will start with changes in the email signatures of people, the facebook, twitter and linkedin channels, followed by the website, name tags, and finally with change in course codes and information for students, schools, companies and other partners of our group. The new name will be fully in use and official as per September 1, 2018.