E-learning course food & nutrition security

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28 augustus 2015

In May and June, CDI co-facilitated an E-course on Food and Nutrition Security (FNS) together with the department of Inclusive Green Growth of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ennuonline.

The e-learning course FNS aimed to provide insight in the context of FNS and explore recent (policy) developments at play. A group of eighty professionals, consisting of policymakers at Dutch Embassies and ministries, NGOs and academia, signed up for the course. After completing the course, the participants should be able to indicate what the international challenges and opportunities with regard to FNS entail and what the Dutch contribution is to stimulate FNS worldwide.

The content of the course was divided into five course modules. This division of the modules has been developed in line with a people, profit, planet approach. There were four thematic modules:

  • Food and Nutrition Security and policy context
  • Eradicate hunger and malnutrition
  • Inclusive growth in the agricultural sector
  • Ecologically sustainable food systems

The modules were each built around some ten sources that dived deeper into related topics and included articles, interviews, short lectures, videos and graphics. There were questions related to each of the sources, inviting participants to discuss them with their fellow participants. Each of the modules was closed by a webinar, with key persons of interest such as Shenggen Fan (Director General of IFPRI) providing presentations and answering questions from course participants

In the final week of the course, participants worked on real life case studies and applied what they learned during the e-learning course. Participants that completed all thematic modules and the case studies received a certificate.

The main responsibility of CDI in the development of the course was to develop the course curriculum and select sources and cases to be used in the modules. CDI was also able to us materials developed in traditional courses and projects by tailoring them for use in an online environment. For example by producing new video presentations.