Elsevier Atlas Award for Alessandra Galiè

Published on
December 11, 2017

On December 6, 2017, Alessandra Galiè (former PhD candidate supervised by Paul Struik) received the Elsevier Atlas Award for her paper:

Alessandra Galiè, Janice Jiggins, Paul C. Struik, Stefania Grando & Salvatore Ceccarelli, 2017. Women’s empowerment through seed improvement and seed governance: Evidence from participatory barley breeding in pre-war Syria. NJAS Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences 81: 1-8.

The ATLAS Award is a recognition for a paper in any discipline with (potentially) great impact on the livelihoods of people. It is a great recognition for the gender research carried out by Alessandra but also for ICARDA (where the programme was carried out) and for the signature programme of CSA called “Seeking Synergy with Social Sciences”.  

The Award is provided by Elsevier but the paper is selected by an independent international jury consisting of scientists and professionals from NGOs, donors, and societal organizations (such as the Clinton Foundation, The UNESCO University, OXFAM, etc.).

For more information see the Elsevier website