English courses for employees (Language Policy) start: September 2017

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3 augustus 2017

Do you want to improve your English? Do you want to improve your speaking skills, or write better emails? Our new round of courses is starting in September!

Basic English or Hospitality English

Do you want to improve your speaking and listening skills in English? The focus of the course is on practical skills, but ample attention is also given to English culture. Basic English is on A1/A2 level, Hospitality English is on B1 level (click here for more information about the CEFR levels).

Professional skills in English

This course is aimed at professionals that have to work in an increasingly English-speaking environment. It helps you improve your business skills, such as writing emails, making phone calls and talking to clients.

Speaking Skills or Advanced Speaking Skills

Do you have a good command of English (CEFR level B2-C1) already, but would you like to speak even more fluently and continue practising your speaking skills? This is the course you need.

Professional Writing in English or Scientific Writing for Professionals

Writing well and communicating effectively are critical skills for all those working in academic and business management. If you need help writing an email, policy document or web text, please have a look at Professional Writing in English. If you want to work on your scientific writing skills, Scientific Writing for Professionals might be the course for you.

Lecturing in English

Lecturing in English is a group course aimed at improving the language and communication skills you need in order to be an effective teacher in English.

Cambridge courses

The Cambridge Preliminary, Cambridge First, Cambridge Advanced and Cambridge Proficiency courses are designed to prepare you for the official Cambridge exams. The courses are also very suitable for employees who want to increase their general proficiency in English. The courses mainly focus on practical use of English.